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writingpaper.py: generate lined writing paper

writingpaper.py is a Python script for generating PDF files that are lined for handwriting. The spacing of the lines is optimized for cursive italic handwriting similar to that of Arrighi's Operina, as seen here. It is similar to Seyes or French-ruled paper, but not identical, in that the spacing of the lines is not the same. Also, Seyes-ruled paper has light vertical rules that I do not find useful, and which I have not included.

The script is here. A PDF file generated with the default settings is here. The script takes no command-line arguments, but can be configured by editing some variables at the top of the file. By default it creates a letter-sized document in portrait orientation with 24-point line height, which is about right for a 0.7mm cursive italic pen; for a fine point regular pen, you may wish to go down to 20 point.

The script requires reportlab.