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Gnome Global Menu

Please note that these patches apply only to GNOME 1.x. There is no globalmenu support for GNOME 2.x at this time.

[Screenshot] These are a set of patches to gnome-libs and control-center that enable a Mac-like global menu for most Gnome applications. I am not the author of these patches, but I am packaging them for various distributions and maintaining them.

Currently, you must be using a window manager with support for global menus. These would include kwin (KDE's window manager), and Sawfish with my global menu extension. The Sawfish support is rather more flexible, allowing you to create the menu-on-panel effect seen in the screenshots.

Getting the patches

You can get the global menu patches as either source patches or Linux i386 binaries. RedHat 6.x users should get the i386 rpms. If you use an RPM-based Linux distribution other than RedHat 6.x, you should get the SRPMs. Debian (ix86) users should get the contributed Debian binaries. Everyone else should get the source patches below and the original source tarballs from ftp.gnome.org.


Source RPMs

Gnome Distribution Packages
Ximian Gnome


Plain Gnome Coming Soon


Gnome Distribution Packages
Ximian Gnome for Redhat 6.2


Plain Gnome for Redhat 6.2 Coming soon
Debian GNU/Linux Debs contributed by clemens <therapy-nospam@endorphin.org>


If you wish to contribute binaries, bugfixes, etc., please contact me.