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Wed, 07 Apr 2010

bbcode-mode.el: a simple emacs mode for editing bbcode

A couple of years ago, I looked for a bbcode mode for Emacs, and, not finding one, wrote a very simple derived-mode for it. For some reason, syntax highlighting only worked intermittently, which I didn’t have time to put too much effort into trying to fix, and so I didn’t actually release the code for public consumption. Recently, though, I saw on Planet Emacsen an explanation for why it wasn’t working; I’ve tried to find that post to link to it and credit the author, but unfortunately, I can’t.

Anyway, having fixed the font-locking issue, I’ve released bbcode-mode.el at bitbucket. In the process of releasing it, I searched for other bbcode modes to make sure I wasn’t taking a name that was in use. It turns out that in the meantime while I wasn’t releasing my bbcode mode, Xah Lee released another, xbbcode-mode. The two modes are rather different in design, so depending on your tastes, you might reasonably prefer either one or the other.

A side note: I wish bitbucket supported org-mode README files like github does.

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